Quotes 1st off I just want to say I worked in a sporting goods store about 13yrs ago StamRic's. From being at the biz the one thing that sets a store apart is the person behind the counter lets face it you can but tackle anywhere. I've gone into other bait stores and when they found out I was a RiverRat catty fisherman they had more important things to do. I first met chuck this spring at York haven ramp he introduce himself, and I thought just another guy trying to sell me something but after 10 mins. I could tell not only did he know what he was talking about he had a real passion for fishing he worked all day then drove around looking for people fishing. The 1st time I pulled in to his store it did not look like much but if he don't have it he'll get it. I've always used bait caster for cats he showed me a Avenger ABF50 okuma spinning reel great reel I love it. It's refreshing to talk to someone that knows as much about cats as he does about bass. Quotes
My new bait store

Quotes Me and my wife stopped up to get some bluegill to try to catch my wife her first catfish. Chuck was extremely helpful and even pointed us to a location that would be a nice spot for us to fish at. My wife got her first cat and she was grinning ear to ear. It was a great day. :-) Quotes

Quotes A few weeks ago I was introduced to Team Catfish products. I bought a few packs of hooks and the Dead Red spray. WOW!!! These catfish are going nuts for this stuff! I caught more catfish in the last three weeks then I did all year last year! Quotes
Die hard fan

Quotes I pulled in to the HLS parking lot and thought "Well at least they sell bait." I walked in and everything I thought about this place changed! For being a small in size shop this place has EVERYTHING I needed. Team Catfish gear and the information to go with it is awesome. It's nice to have a shop around here that is owned by a fisherman! The only time I go in there and he not working is when he is fishing a tournament, this guy lives and breathes fishing. Stop in and learn something, then go fishing and catch something, thats how it worked for me. Quotes
Mike Jones
Big Fish Hunting

Quotes I came to Chuck`s bait shop about two months ago, should of came long before this. If your looking for a tackle shop that can get you the bait you want ,and provide you with a ton of knowledge and tips he is your man. I have caught more fish since i came to him than i ever have in this short of time period. If your in or around york haven you have to come check his shop out, just look for the bright signs put up around. HLS tackle shop is the place to go! Quotes
Site Member

Quotes I agree Brent, this place is great to do business with. Chuck really caters to the fisherman not just to sell but to help catch. Quotes
Fred McCalister

Quotes WOW i am a huge fan of team catfish.I have been looking everywhere.I am so glad i found someone who carries team catfish tackle.I really love this bait shop. If you are going to the river fishing,you need to stop at this bait store. The prices are affordable and the guy in the store has a great personality.You need to go to this bait store.And i want to thank the guy there for great tips and great service.Thank you for being my bait store and team catfish tackle provider.You are awesome man keep up the good work!!!!! Quotes
brent allison
best bait store EVER

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